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Having a proven methodology is critical to delivering complex solutions in rapid time and within the budgeted dollar amount. A methodology represents taking years and years of experience within an industry or discipline and fine tuning a repeatable outline of rules and activities in order to quickly develop a plan that has proven itself over time.

Every project is unique and requires a customized approach to ultimately solve the problem, but a solid methodology alleviates the need to start from scratch and provides a clear vision for anticipating where – and what – problems may arise along the way.

This methodology helps break a project into logical phases that keeps the effort focused, understandable, and provides a means to accurately track progress of the project.

Our approach is constantly evolving with experiences gained from each new project, and is based upon the following work plan:

Problem Identification and Definition

At the heart of just about every failed project is a misunderstanding or an inaccurate assumption during the first discussions as the idea blossoms or the problem is discovered. As the governing foundation of every project, the Carlone Technology Group ensures that the problem is accurately defined and its goals are clearly established prior to committing to a plan.

As with any project, we are dedicated to facilitating a complete and objective understanding of the problem so that key stakeholders can intelligently determine whether or not to commit precious capital to pursue it. We have learned over time that not every problem or idea is a good candidate for spending your money on.

It is absolutely critical that every vested party understands the purpose and proceedings of the project BEFORE it begins.


Just as critical as the proper definition of the problem and direction on how to get to the solution is, an accurate assessment of the landscape is a key factor to successfully solving your business problem. We use a blend of leading industry tools coupled with intelligent human interviews to make sure that we have a complete understanding of the existing environment before making any changes that will impact your business. Depending on the project type, we may collect specific performance metrics over a period of time to create a “workload profile” of your assets which will help in understanding the capacity of the current infrastructure.

It is not uncommon that we find differences between client records and our own discovery, and in those cases a gap-analysis is performed and we work to decisively complete the picture.

The product of our analysis is an interactive and objective representation of your environment that can be used as a launching point for your own asset tracking systems.


With the problem identified and a clear understanding of the environment, we then compile and evaluate data to create different scenarios relevant to the successful resolution of the problem. We consider all possible scenarios in order to uncover the top few that guarantee project success.

The goal of our synthesis is to understand the underlying issues and construct relevant and actionable recommendations.


The Carlone Technology Group effectively communicates the solutions to your business problems. Experts at addressing all levels within your organization, we deliver our findings concisely to top executives, technically to engineering, and palatable enough for support staff. After all, the preceding efforts are not effective unless we can clearly articulate both the problem and the resolution to your entire organization.

A successful presentation leads to the necessary executive buy-in to support the execution of the project as well as gaining the willingness of the responsible parties to see it through. By virtue of us gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing your data, you will be left with a viable road map for success.


When designing solutions, we draw from the experiences of our vast pool of associates and marry industry best-practices to craft a blueprint for success. Careful attention is paid in order to maintain a design consistent with your business goals and objectives while creating a modern solution that will scale with your future needs.

The thoughtfulness of the design process is as significant an activity as the problem identification in that a poor design will result in an unsuccessful and unhappy organization. The Carlone Technology Group delivers intelligent designs that work.


In addition to our ability to identify, diagnose, and recommend solutions to your complex business problems, we are by nature hands-on, in the trenches, technicians.  We bring expert project management skills to each and every implementation that we perform to make sure your project is kept within budget and on schedule. Our associates are highly seasoned individuals with years of experience in design and implementation.


Our job is not complete until we successfully transfer any pertinent knowledge, skills, and documentation so that you will be fully capable of taking the reins over your new environment. We believe that it is important for you to be able to manage the new product that we have together created to ensure that it is successful and operational long after project completion.

Carlone Technology Group, LLC