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Asset Management

Our Asset Management services provide you with an accurate and up to date view of the technology assets deployed across your organization. Understanding the current environment and all of the “moving parts” within it allows us to create a customized road map for consolidating and optimizing your infrastructure. The end result of this process will be a less costly, leaner, and far more efficient computing environment.


We gather detailed information about your servers, applications, and network gear in order to evaluate their suitability to run your business. We use a blend of automated and manual activities to ensure that we uncover everything within your environment. We fully document our findings and you are left with an interactive asset list that can be used as the starting point for a configuration management database (CMDB).

Utilization Profiles

Beyond the details of your assets is a performance based profile illustrating the utilization and efficiency of each system. Average industry statistics show that about 80% of all servers are only 10% utilized, which means that most companies already own far more equipment than they need to perform the current workload. We collect performance data to understand and clearly show idle, busy, and peak operating hours, days, and months for each server.

Data Flow Diagrams

Your environment is a complex web of interdependencies and relationships which continuously changes and complicates your ability to stay on top of each and every resource you manage. We can expand an asset discovery to include a mapping of how your systems and applications relate to one another across and within your network.


We use industry leading technologies to quickly and safely consolidate your physical systems, applications, and storage. Recent advances in virtualization and imaging capabilities have opened up a world of new options to suit just about every possible need for reducing the number of components you consume and pay for.

Carlone Technology Group, LLC