Carlone Technology Group, LLC

Small Business Technology Setup & Support

The rising unemployment rates  that we face has led to an explosive growth of new start up and small businesses as entrepreneurs are seizing this opportunity to start their own companies.

Small businesses do not need, and often times have a very limited budget for, dedicated IT support staff and resources. Most new companies can greatly benefit from our experience determining and implementing a direction for the technology used to support the business.

We contract with independent and small business owners to assist on an as-needed basis to let you focus on running your core business rather than having to worry about the reliability of your technology resources.

From strategically building a web presence and promoting your company, to installing and configuring the servers and communications gear needed to support your business and data, through implementing customized SharePoint  portals for internal or customer facing interaction, the Carlone Technology Group is your technology support department when you need it.

Carlone Technology Group, LLC