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Virtualization technologies from vendors like VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix allow you to transform your computing infrastructure to take better advantage of the hardware resources you have invested in. These technologies allow you to realistically run ten or more heterogeneous operating systems at the same time on one physical machine. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Virtualization Assessments

Our certified VMware and Microsoft professionals can quickly and unobtrusively assess the servers in your data centers to determine which systems are candidates for virtualization. Whether you have 10 servers or 10,000 servers, most companies can realize amazing savings and efficiencies through the use of virtualization. An assessment can be turned into a customized and actionable project plan for precisely how to migrate your existing physical servers to virtual ones.

Architecture & Design

Our experienced consultants can help you design and build a world class virtual infrastructure. Virtualized systems are cheaper and easier to manage, can provide much higher levels of uptime and recoverability, and provide for far more efficient use of the hardware you invest in.


A virtual infrastructure will undoubtedly extend the capabilities of your resources to levels never before realized. Successfully building and populating your virtual infrastructure is critical to its long-term effectiveness. We can build and teach you how to take full advantage of virtual technologies to unleash the full power of your investments.


We know from experience the pitfalls that can arise in a virtualized infrastructure. From server sprawl to the proliferation of non-standard builds, we can help you craft governing policies to control the use of the environment long after the project ends.

Carlone Technology Group, LLC